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344 West 38th Street 344 West 38th Street, Suite# 503, New York, New York, NY, USA 10018, NY, United States

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African Print Fabrics

Fabrics USA Inc. is one of the leading African fabrics wholesale/ retailers in the African fashion industry. We carry one of the great African Fashion brand named “Vlisco”. We offer high-quality Holland Wax Print in hundreds of exclusive and authentic African Prints Design. We also carry African Lace, Bazin Fabrics, Guipure Lace/ Corded Lace, Meba-Wo, Satin, Dashiki Prints, African Kente Prints, Mud Cloths, and Stretch Sequin Fabrics.

Fabrics USA Inc. sets on 344 west 38th street between 8th & 9th avenue in the heart of New York’s Garments district and online retail site. Our new and improved site strives to provide the same care of customer service and quality fabric found in our store. FUSA keep expanding inventory on daily basis to keep you updated with latest fashion trends.

FUSA gained recognition through the unique collection of African print, quality, and exclusive customer care. However, we encourage you to call our customer care at 347-774-5575 or 347-659-6812 (24/7) or send us an email at [email protected] with your inquiry.

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344 West 38th Street 344 West 38th Street, Suite# 503, New York, New York, NY, USA 10018, NY, United States